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Acciente - System Architecture and Software Design
Acciente - System Architecture and Software Design Acciente - System Architecture and Software Design

Acciente is a software services company headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. Acciente specializes in providing systems architecture and software design services.

Acciente's specialization sets it apart as a new kind of service in the software services industry in contrast to consulting companies that provide a wide range of services, with no particular focus.

The software industry constantly looks at more mature disciples such as civil and mechanical engineering to better its processes. In these more mature engineering disciplines, design and build are clearly separated concerns. In the field of software development it is well recognized that a poor software design is a common cause of a failed software development project.

Acciente's specialist approach offers the following unique value proposition to clients’ engaged in medium to large IT projects:

• We are an independent systems architecture and software design company. Our goal is to design the system that best fits the client's business needs. A design-build company may be adversely biased by options that are easy to build.

• We specialize in systems architecture and software design and we are all systems architects. Since architects are some of the most expensive personnel in a project, design-build firms often times omit an architect on smaller projects and allow their programmers to “design” the system ad hoc as the project progress. This approach may significantly increase the risk of project's failure.

• We review the design to ensure that it meets all major client requirements before any part of the system is ever built. It is well known that an error or miscommunication discovered in the design phase costs significantly less than the same change than when discovered during the implementation phase. This can also help the client better evaluate the ROI of a project before moving to a costly implementation phase.

• We ensure that system requirements and design are well documented, thus assuring the long term maintainability of the system. Design-build firms typically only keep only internal documents at best since there is no separation of concerns.

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